The Better You Program

Get on top of your stress, anxiety, overthinking, negative self-talk and low mood and start living the life you want.


6 weeks, starting

Monday 12th July

Online and on-demand


Here's what people are saying from our first BYP:

I’ve been sleeping much better for the past month, I’m making much better food choices, my clothes fit better, I’ve gotten back into my exercise regime and trying to make it a non-negotiable. 

- Jess


A truly life changing course! 

- Kathryn


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Is it time for you to get on top of your stress, anxiety, overthinking, negative self-talk and low mood, or maybe just to find your 'life mojo' and live in alignment with your values and purpose? If so, this is the course for you. 
What is it?  A user-friendly, stimulating and unique blend of neuroscience, nutrition, physiology, sleep hygiene, Japanese psychology and Stoic philosophy. This 8-week program is a combination of live weekly webinars (held each Tuesday 8pm for around 90 minutes) and practical exercises, with an awesome partner App and tools to help you become a better you - whatever that is for you.  Note that all webinars will be recorded and you will have access to them afterwards, in case you miss one or want to review the content.
Whats in it for me? Lots of stuff. You'll get practical tools to use in your own life to make the improvements that you want. We'll have sessions to explore your core values and purpose, and how to align your choices to these values. You'll also get no-bullshit nutritional, exercise, sleep and mindset education and tools to help you make a series of incremental changes and, without doubt, a few laughs on the way. And you also get a great  App with workouts, recipes, guided meditations, educational videos and a proven way to track and build habits with a Ritual Board.
Who is running it? It's brought to you by neuroscientist, exercise physiologist, nutritionist and PhD scholar in psychology, Paul Taylor and his (much) better half - nutritionist and mindset coach (qualified in Japanese psychology and ACT, or Acceptance-Commitment Therapy), Carly Taylor.
How much does it cost? The cost of the 6-week program and partner App is $395, but the early-bird pricing, available until June 30th is $325. Corporate  pricing on request.
What is covered in the weekly webinars? Below is a top-level overview of the content each week. We will also do weekly check-ins and Q&A:
  • Week 1: The neuroscience of  behaviour change; connecting behaviours to virtues & values; launch of app-based challenge
  • Week 2: Deep dive into mindset, incorporating Stoic philosophy, Japanese psychology and other techniques
  • Week 3: The key to modern living - effective energy management and recovery strategies
  • Week 4: Fuelling your ecosystem - the impact of modern diets & fads; evidence-based nutrition for your body and brain; 
  • Week 5: The science of happiness and human flourishing; from Stoicism to positive psychology
  • Week 6: Creating your best life moving forward

Paul Taylor is one of the most motivating and inspirational speakers who we have worked with in the past 10 years. His energy, passion and style is very engaging and our leadership team received great insight and practical techniques to help balance work-life in a challenging market. We will work with Paul going forward to help us to become great leaders.

Scott Fyfe, CEO Country Road Group

It’s rare to come across those life-changing moments but when it happens you will take the action to make changes in your life. Over my 25+ year career l have attended countless professional development programs but l have never come away with such powerful messages like l did when listening to Paul. In the programs l have previously attended, its been good at the time but that is as far as the good advice would go. Yes, l was ready for change but now l have the tools to ensure that l deliver. Thank-you Paul. You have provided me with the kick start to take action and, “ Be the best person l can be!.”

Sophie Dixon, Austin Health

At first, I was thinking “great some t*#t” is going to lecture me on leadership and how to be a “better version of me”. F*%k me! how wrong could I have been? I’m a 45-year-old Male and have worked for IBM, Microsoft, and a few other large organizations, and the three hours with you was by far the most powerful, useful, real information I have ever heard in a training/ corporate coaching event. You have had such a profound effect on my immediate and future life. Thank you Paul.

Anonymous, YOUI Insurance

All The Tools You Need To Build A Better YOU

Cost is $395 but an early-bird price of $325 is available until the 22nd March.

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Working with Carly has been a truely an invaluable experience. I have finally felt a sense of clarity and insight to the life I have been so eager to lead, after years of exploring a range of different approaches that unfortunately didn’t work for me. Carly’s approach has been hugely effective. She has gifted me with knowledge and tools to better my life. I cant recommend working with Carly highly enough. 


Carly’s coaching has had a hugely positive impact on both my work performance and the parent I want to be for my kids. I’ve found Carly’s approach to be very holistic, evidence-based and outcome focussed. It has helped me to implement new strategies, rituals and practices that enable me to remain much more calm under pressure, to think clearly, improve my health, well-being and overall performance and happiness in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Carly to anyone who is looking to help reframe their thinking and approach for achieving their goals more quickly and effectively at both home and work - and being better equipped to swat back those crazy curve balls that life throws at you!


The Better You 6 week program

Sort your shit out with evidence based information, tools & strategies

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